How To Protect Your Assets By PRIVATELY Acquiring Real Estate With Trusts

and Buying Subject-to 

The Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trusts and Subject-To (E.A.T.S.)

system is combining the power of THREE workshops into ONE master-class

The Law Firm of Sue Em, Cheat Em, and Rob Em can't

take your assets if they can't find them.

How would you like to buy millions of dollars of real estate without showing up in the public records with a bullseye on your back building massive real estate wealth with NO CREDIT and without EVER talking to a lender or walking into a bank?

Learn how to Find and buy properties utilizing the “Golden Calf” of real estate investing known as buying properties Subject-To the existing financing and the power of using trusts.

Without question this is the most profitable and powerful one, two, three punch to build real estate wealth!

What Is This Trust & Subject-To Financing Workshop About?

The Trust & Subject-to Workshop is a unique Real Estate Portfolio Wealth Creation that helps intermediate and advanced Real Estate Investors start to establish a real estate portfolio in 60 days or less.

Hit a road block that has kept you from realizing your Real estate dream of becoming a millionaire? This program works for you even if you have poor or no credit, lack funds, or you are hesitant due to being overwhelmed with misinformation. Take your Real estate investment business to the next level.

Learn step by step how to buy properties with no bank qualifying, no credit check, and little to no money down. You will learn how to “take over payments’’ utilizing this lucrative acquisition strategy by a seasoned Real Estate Investor with over 27 years of experience and countless successful students.

Welcome To Your Future Wealth Plan


Buying Nice Homes in Nice Neighborhoods by using Trusts and Taking Over the Property Subject-to the Existing Financing!

This course is designed to help the intermediate to advanced level real estate investor to leverage yourself into properties with little to no money invested, no qualification process, and no limit on the amount of transactions you can do. That's right, no loan origination fees, tax returns or qualification based on credit. You may even be able to take over the loans with favorable interest rates and well into the loan amortization schedule.

Subject-to real estate investing is one of the most glorified and fascinating topics discussed amongst real estate investors. This is a powerful real estate investment strategy that can propel an investor into another stratosphere whether you are into portfolio building or flipping properties. This course will teach you what you need to know to add subject-to deals to your real estate investment toolbelt.

That being said, Tony is always quick to point out that Subject-to is an “ADVANCED” investment strategy. It can be a “game changer” when understood and utilized ethically. However, because this transaction is often misunderstood and foreign to many (even by professionals), It can also be a disaster and liability when used foolishly without properly educating yourself in all aspects of the subject-to process.

The Three Main Areas of Focus To Be Successful:

  • Phase 1: Entity Structure and Asset Protection

  • Phase 2: Trust

  • Phase 3: Subject-To

Buying properties subject-to can be very rewarding, and is an attractive proposition that comes with many benefits, including:

  • No loan apps or bank qualifying

  • No new loan costs

  • Fast closings

  • No credit or proof of income

  • Ability to exercise a myriad of exit strategies for increased profit.

  • Take over low interest rate loans

What you will learn:

This online course is targeted how to control your own micro economy, with a focus on topics such as:

  • What is the best entity structure for your business? The proper entity can save you big bucks... One size does not fit all!

  • How to protect your assets and reduce your exposure and liability.

  • Using land trust for estate planning and asset protection.

  • Understanding personal property trust

  • How to buy property Subject-to using a land trust.

  • How to handle the “due on sale” clause when buying Subject-to

  • How to handle the insurance when buying subject-to.

  • How to take title and properly close your subject-to deals with confidence.

  • How to maximize your investment opportunities utilizing a multiple streams of income approach to investing.

You'll Get to KNOW...................


You will learn how to develop, organize and implement an asset protection plan and strategy. You will get a working knowledge of what entity structure is best suited for you, based on your actual investment strategy. Learn formation structures that will help you minimize your tax consequences. In addition you will learn how to reduce exposure of your assets to lawsuits and judgments.


You will also learn how to form and create your own land trust and personal property trust. Trusts give you a level of anonymity and give you privacy of ownership; help you in avoiding probate; eases the management of multiple owners; and plays a tremendous role in your overall asset protection and estate planning strategy. They are also our suggested tool to use when buying properties Subject to the existing financing. The forms to create your own trusts are included.


ROLLED into ONE master-class

E.A.T.S. WORSHOP ONE: Entity Structure and Asset Protection

Entity Structure Creation

Learn how to create a legal entity for their Subject- To Investing that protects assets and increases wealth.

Asset Protection

Learn the benefits of tax savings and protecting your assets

Financial Benefits

Pay less in taxes and earn more money by having a properly Structured Entity


Understanding The Land Trust

Get a working knowledge of using a land trust for buying Subject-To, estate planning and asset protection

Benefits of Land Trusts: Privacy and Asset Protection

Land Trust provide anonymity and privacy of ownership. They are a key component of estate planning and avoidance of probate.

Buying Properties Subject-To with a Land Trust

Using a land trust to purchase a property “subject to” can be an effective way to acquire a property with little to no money down

E.A.T.S. WORKSHOP THREE: Subject- To In Action

Building Rapport and Trust with Seller’s

Learn how to buy a property with Subject-To financing for a win win with the seller

Dealing With ''Due on Sale'' Clause and Property Insurance

Successfully deal with legal considerations of the mortgage when buying with Subject-To financing

How To Get The Seller To “PAY YOU” When Buying!

Become profitable at closing with cash in pocket from the seller



My name is Tony Robinson, Sr. with Houseway2Wealth, We help you to “MASTER” the game of Monopoly with real estate in “Real Life”. The following is a message for every struggling real estate investor who wants to find a good real estate deal and be able to close, but is struggling to find real estate deals with low risk. Here's the biggest problem you face right now when it comes to investing in real estate...It's having good credit and the financial resources to do subject to real estate deals. But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why? Because everyone knows you need money to do real estate deals right?!Which means you need good credit and thousands in the bank. And, worst of all, most struggling real estate investors can't get past the idea that home owners will never give you their properties with subject to financing. But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!!Introducing... "The Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to Workshop "E.A.T.S. Helps You: Find and understand great, low-risk subject to deals...Close subject to transactions without needing good credit or money out of pocket...Quickly determine which subject to deals make sense to jump on...Close and seal the deal on a subject to property...Have a good exit strategy...and much, MUCH more! By the way, right now you might be asking... who am I to help you with investing in real estate? My name is Your Name Or Company Name and What you do in one sentence. Bottom line - "The Trust & Subject-to Workshop" will help you: Reach financial freedom through real estate investing...Be able to spend quality time with family and friends...Live and work without financial worry...Best of all?... You'll start seeing results in 30 days or less and it costs $997.If you're a struggling real estate investor who wants to find great subject to deals consistently once and for all... Get Onboard With The ENTITY STRUCTURE, ASSET PROTECTION, TRUST AND SUBJECT-TO MASATER-CLASS!

Act Now - Before It's Too Late!


I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...I know you're a struggling real estate investor who dreams of becoming a millionaire investor. Currently, you're focused on investing in real estate and building a real estate portfolio, right? And you want to know how to protect your assets once you generate them? So, let me ask you a question...Would you be ecstatic if you could find a good real estate deal and close it subject to while protecting your assets with the best entity structure? Because if you could do those things, ultimately, that would mean you could find great subject to deals consistently and live on passive real estate income! (Which would be amazing!)Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to: Find real estate deals with low risk; recognize the best time to sell a subject to property; and stop worrying about his own credit score or bank statement. Sound familiar? Another thing...Are you also really frustrated by the fact that everybody else seems to be able to find great real estate deals, it's so easy to get sucking into property analysis that feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, and they need a 800 credit score and bank financing to get a mortgage to secure properties? Plus, do you constantly ask yourself these questions about how to move forward?:How do I know if a property is a good subject to investment or not? When is the best time to sell a property I have under contract? How can I secure a property even though I don't have a lot of capital? One last question...Do you ever find yourself thinking "Most great deals must come from special knowledge or experience others don't have access to." or "Stocks seem to rise or fall for no logical reason whatsoever." or "Everybody else seems to find subject 2 deals except me."? I know I did! And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do) it just plain feels like Real Estate "Gurus" are actively going out of their way to sabotage your success with investing in real estate and building a real estate portfolio. Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once! When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to reach financial freedom through real estate investing, be able to spend quality time with family and friends, and live and work without financial worry. Yes? If this sounds at all like you...I'd like to invite you to check out my 2 Day Virtual Workshop, The Trust & Subject-to Workshop, so you can create bulletproof financial and personal real estate portfolio (without making dangerous high-risk subject to investments that can break you).If you want to find and understand great, low-risk subject to deals, close subject to transactions without needing good credit or money out of pocket, and quickly determine which subject to deals make sense to jump on in as little as 30 days or less... then The Trust & Subject-to Workshop is definitely for YOU.

My offer includes:

Understanding Entity and Trust Structures


This online training and resource makes it easy to understand how Entities and Trusts are structured, how they protect assets reduce liability, and minimize taxes with a properly structured entity.

Personal Property Trust


This training makes it easy to protect your personal property from predators', avoid exposure and liability to predators', avoids probate, creates a shield that protects your business interests

Buying Subject To


This training makes it easy to buy properties with little to no money down without bank qualifying, and without using your own money, and buy unlimited properties and build a “MASSIVE” real estate portfolio.

I promise to show you "How to Find Sellers Who Are Literally Willing to GIVE You Their Properties Subject To"

The ultimate compilation of Get The Deed Buying Sub2 in one app breaks down countless step-by-step avenues for income

Add-on resources in the form of document template to help you apply what you have learned quickly

All wealth experts agree that a single source of income is never enough. In this eBook you will learn proven methods to create and maintain multiple reliable sources of income.

THE All-Inclusive Get The Deed Buying Sub2 Gives You:

The Last Investment You'll Ever Need To Make For Your Financial Future

  • Remote access to the recorded 2-Day Virtual Workshop Plus Bonus Material

  • ​30 Videos over 18 hours

  • Bonus Deep Dive Material (not presented at Live workshop)

  • ​Bonus Sub2 Hands on Case Study

  • ​Tony Robinson's EXCLUSIVE DOC Vault, Complete With All Forms, Contracts, Disclosures & Scripts

  • ​E.A.T.S. BONUS: Subject To Seller Lead Data Sheet

  • ​E.A.T.S. BONUS: Creative Deal Structure Cheat Sheet

  • ​E.A.T.S. BONUS: Subject To CYA Internal Business Audit Checklist

  • ​E.A.T.S. BONUS: Interview Extraordinaire For Real Estate Attorneys

  • E.A.T.S. BONUS: Interview Extraordinaire For Accountants

NORMALLY $11,997



POWERED BY: House Way2Wealth

Get The Deed Buying Sub2

Tony Robinson Sr.

Tony Robinson, Sr., is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Mentor, and Life Coach based in the "Tar Heel" state of North Carolina. With over 28 years of industry experience, he has excelled as a landlord, property manager, fixer-upper investor, and real estate investment consultant.

Renowned for his dynamic speaking engagements and motivational prowess, Tony is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve financial independence through real estate, unlocking their full potential.

Tony navigates the intricate landscape of real estate investment with authority, unparalleled expertise, and a mastery of creative concepts, making him a trusted leader in the field.

Our Students TESTIMONY.....

FAQ section 

What is the E.A.T.S. (Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to) System?

The E.A.T.S. (Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to) System is an online platform that makes it possible for real estate investors to learn from master transaction engineer Tony Robinson Sr. with more than 26 years of experience in the industry.

What is included in your the E.A.T.S. (Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to) System?

Once you become a member, you will gain immediate access to an expansive educational platform with over 16 hours of video lessons, Tony's exclusive document vault, the CDS Cheat Sheet, the CYA Internal Business Audit, and much more!

Where and when can I access the material?

Video lessons are available 24/7 inside the membership portal . Plug in and play at your leisure, during your lunch break, while you're eating dinner - connect with Tony's system. You'll also be notified in advance when the regular coaching calls are going LIVE, so you can get your questions ready.

Which classes are suitable for me?

E.A.T.S (The ENTITY STRUCTURE, ASSET PROTECTION, TRUST, AND SUBJECT-TO WORKSHOP) offers a range of classes for all levels of financial knowledge, from beginners to experts. With a comprehensive document library containing everything you need to get started, these classes provide an opportunity to gain valuable financial knowledge and develop new skills

Can I cancel at any time?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal through your account page. Follow the prompts to cancel on the settings page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Who should I reach out to with questions about Get The Deed Buying Sub2?

If you can’t find the answer to any of your questions or concerns under our FAQs, please reach out to


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The E.A.T.S. (Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to) System



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